A Lost Lake Found…


What you say?  A lost lake?  Please!  Really!

Sometimes I feel lost out here so far away from the hum of the city.  I miss the sound of sirens, of traffic, raucous street folk, the downtown beat.  I love the cacophony of bustling human life.  I revel in the intersectionality of diversity.  For me the unexpected dissonance results in energy.  The who knows what will happen next feeds me. Oddly, I grew up on a lake, rife with nature, buzzing with motor boats and that fed me too.  Hmmmm, I never knew my appetite could be so divergent.  This world out here where life is more predictable is just what I need for now while I work on my next chapter.

If you follow Lee Boulevard south to 106th.  You will find swimming pools , the Leawoof Dog Park, multiple game fields, and a great bike/walk trail. Followed east, west, south, or north by road or trail you will find generous parking, snippets of Indian Creek vistas in multiple directions.  This is a wonderful spot to drive, bike, walk, or roll a wheel chair.

Or, shhhhh, don’t tell, these are the secret directions… 

If you turn to travel west at the stop sign at 105th and Lee Boulevard, you will find the street dead ends on the edge of a quiet, bucolic lake.  Park your car and venture down a path that circles the lake.  This quiet spot edges restaurants, shops, cozy condos and sprawling homes at Mission Farms.  Once you travel around the path to this mecca of delights  you can choose any number of places to eat or peruse. 20161022_170914_resized

There is a bike shop, an interior decorator, and multiple restaurant choices.  If the weather permits you might choose to sit outside.

Lakeside, at “Rye” you will find a cozy fireplace on the patio.  You will be offered super cocktails and menu featuring farm to market selections.20161022_184443-1_resized


You could sit outside at “Room 39” with award-winning food, excellent coffee or choose a warm comfy spot inside at the bar or in the dining room.20161025_082437_001-1_1482003856375_resized

 If you like a super healthy fare, you could choose “enjoy pure food and drink”.  This is a spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   Fresh juices, coffee to small plates and healthy chocked full bowls abound.

Asian for lunch or dinner? Try “Blue Koi”.  Enjoy their fun furnishings inside or out.

       20161022_130355-1_resized        20161022_130409-1_resized

Weather blustery?  It’s “The Tavern”, their fireplace is a great warm spot.  Traditional food in a most welcoming spot.  You can sit outside there in good weather as well.

Hamburger hungry?  “Blanc Burger” has you covered.  Try their Kale appetizer , daily bowl of soup or a buffalo burger with a toy shopping cart of fries.  Home made sauces spice up all.

This is just the east side of Mission Farms.  I haven’t ventured west across Roe Boulevard where I know “Pizza Bella” waits.  Of course, you can skip the lake and drive south on Roe and park at any of the spots this hidden gem has for you.  Any and all are friendly to us mobility impaired folks.  The lake and the trail around has a special charm for me not to mention a huge slice of culinary fun.

Happy Travels!  Keep Moving.

The Fragile Traveler

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