Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

I know, a long time no see.  Rest assured I have not been idle just… indisposed. Quick words of explanation.  For several years now I have battled with a back problem.  Last year it escalated to the point of visiting a Neurosurgeon.  I went to my neurologist first who confirmed I had a bulging disc.  […]

A Frágile Traveler Traveler’s Diet

It’s not easy to be me… Not said to complain or illicit any visceral response.  Just the facts, living with the complexities of any disease is not an easy task, let alone traveling with them.  So, I work hard to attempt to control the pieces that I can. A couple of summers ago I was beyond lucky […]

The Summer of Love

My Los Angeles and Palm Springs adventures end with James returning me to LA for a brief overnight stay.  Sadness, at the hotel elevator door to say goodbye.  Such fun I had with this madcap tour guide driver! Opening the elevator on the second floor I hear, “Do you need help with your bag?”  “No, […]

Palm Springs…

The Ride Continues Landing in Palm Springs, I am in the dichotomous Valley of Coachella.  Exiting the glitz and glamour of LA, two hours east, this valley paradise is the ancestral home of the Agua Caliente, a band of the Cahuilla Indians.  Quiet and calm, Palm springs is dense with sophisticated Mid-Century Modern architecture, sexy palm trees, contrasted with edges […]

California Dreamin…

“I have to drop you off here.”  “Can you not pull up to the Blue Cap’s station there?”  “No they don’t allow us to park on that side.”  “Even when you are dropping off an impaired person?”  “Nope, they will ticket us!”  I illicit a huge sigh and step out into two lanes of mid-afternoon […]

Ascent into the Blue

I’m not sure why everything I do is always a huge production but… Building and selling my downtown loft, moving and storing my furniture no less than nine times, living with my daughter and her family, and finally landing in this blue mid-century modern building is huge.  Certainly, this sequence of events reflects the passing of twelve […]

2017! Whew New…

Week one of 2017 has flown by!  I hope everyone has had tremendous fun with family and friends in the New Year.  I have certainly had a most fortuitous and remarkably busy start.  Thank you to everyone that took the time to check out this blog, all 1,217 of you!  I appreciate your time and […]

A Lost Lake Found…

What you say?  A lost lake?  Please!  Really! Sometimes I feel lost out here so far away from the hum of the city.  I miss the sound of sirens, of traffic, raucous street folk, the downtown beat.  I love the cacophony of bustling human life.  I revel in the intersectionality of diversity.  For me the […]