Rod Sterling in the Den of a Tiger

On one visit to downtown St. Joseph, Missouri, quite by accident, I found myself at The Tiger’s Den.   The dinner restaurant we chose was inconveniently closed.  We landed at The Tiger’s Den to regroup.  The Tiger’s Den is a speak easy inspired, reading room, complete with bookshelves, a large collection of used books, easy chairs, and sometimes […]

A Trip into my Cotton Wool of life

I found this term, “the cotton wool of life”, once in an anthology of best practices for professional development for educators.  The book is now lost but Hannah Arendt was attributed.  The phrase appealed to me and I have often mused about the meaning.  I believe it refers to the most basic aspects of life. […]

The Space Between

the space between people moving constantly experience it. sometimes comfortable, sometimes not, always there wanted, unwanted but there. inevitable, unrelenting, and untouchable always moving just beyond grasp. without shape its form moves you unveiling endless possibilities. Accept the space, move forward.  Above all keep moving. The Fragile Traveler

Kansas City Crossroads Art District

Yipes! It is already the last day of March and I have not posted a destination. As always, it is my nature to over think and delay. I am behind on my self-imposed schedule. Thinking a day trip would be a good beginning I will write just a little and visit this locale another time […]

Keep Moving!

Fragile Traveler Trips is a blog about traveling as an impaired person.  As a title it is an adjective and a verb.  I have Multiple Sclerosis but, while I am still vertical, I sometimes trip, so all pun is intended.  It is my intent to visit and document friendly, comfortable places to go for people […]