Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Bettlerhand (Beggar's Hand) 2007 Katharina Fritch
Walker Art Museum              Bettlerhand (Beggar’s Hand)  Katharina Fritsch 2007

I know, a long time no see.  Rest assured I have not been idle just… indisposed.

Quick words of explanation.  For several years now I have battled with a back problem.  Last year it escalated to the point of visiting a Neurosurgeon.  I went to my neurologist first who confirmed I had a bulging disc.  I opted for 6 months of Physical Therapy.  I really believed that I could use my years of Yoga to move it back into place.

Wrong!  At the end of 6 months I found the Neurosurgeon.  It took another 4 months for him to see me.  He sent me to an Endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Osteoporosis.  Prescribed a mega expensive drug that I give myself for the next two years and for 4 months before any surgery.  I struggled with excruciating pain .  When I finally made it to the operating table they replaced my entire lower lumbar.  I now have very expensive hardware, two rods and 6 screws to be precise.

I implore each of you to keep moving!  Since I really could not walk even with my cane that lack of mobility has set me back tremendously!!!

But all the while I do now and I did keep on moving as best I could. 

I traveled to Chicago.     return visit, Seward Johnson  I  was in Milwaukee at the Walker Art Museum.

I went to Jamaica and just went back again.      20180914_180938_burst01

I tore down and rehabbed a condo.  20170429_144739 I just sold the condo and everything in it!

I started an online business and failed miserably.  Lost much time and money.

Now, I am in Mexico traveling to Palm Springs, then KC, and back to Jamaica.  Life is good, walk is slow, recovery seems eternal but as the vocalist Sia sings, “Never Give Up”.

Keep moving!  If I can.   YOU CAN!.  Decide and do it no matter how small your moves may be.  You will get stronger and better every day!

Until next time The Fragile Traveler!

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